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Provide an atmosphere where Family values are honored and respect is shown towards all people, while providing an environment that is dedicated to the preservation of the Volkswagen.

Who Are We? 
We are a Volkswagen club that desires to provide a family atmosphere where all people are respected. We are a group of enthusiasts who want to encourage the preservation of the car that started the “import revolution” the Volkswagen. 

How Often Do We Meet? 
Typically  we meet monthly beginning in February of each year. Often we will incorporate a brief meeting into one of our scheduled monthly events.  We understand family time is important and as our family activities increase in the spring and through out the summer, we will often include a short meeting during our monthly event. 

Am I Required To Own a Volkswagen? 
No, This is a club for everyone. Volkswagen ownership is not required. We want you to feel free to attend our meetings when it is best for you. 


Do You Have A Meeting Agenda?

Yes, Meetings are informal, relaxed and individual participation is encouraged. We like to remind all members in attendance of our founding principles and will from time to time we may read our Mission Statement. When necessary we review previous meetings minutes and a financial report is read by the Treasurer. We will discuss “Old Business” if necessary and bring forth “New Business.” These might be new projects, tools, fixtures, and works in progress, or anything that might be of interest to the group. Often the ideas exchanged before and after the meetings are particularly useful and enjoyable. We must not forget the FOOD! Typically, all meetings are held in a setting that is conducive to eating! 

What Kind Of Activities Do You Do? 
Our club has its signature event which is called “Oktoberfest” it is a Volkswagen Cruise-In that is held in Foster Park in late September. It typically starts at 4:00 PM and ends at 10:00 PM. This is a very large undertaking and has been well attended by folks from several surrounding cities as well as some neighboring states. If takes each of our members to be fully engaged to pull this event off. We sell event shirts at this festival and we also conduct a raffle where 100% of the proceeds are contributed to a designated charity. We travel to different Volkswagen shows in nearby cities and states; we also form local cruises and have hopes of entering parades as we can. Community participation and support is very important to us. We want to support not only our community, but our surrounding communities as well. 

Is there a Membership Fee? 
$15.00 a year. Our annual membership drive occurs during "Oktoberfest" this is the most convenient setting for our members and it gives us a chance to show potential members what we are about. One Final Note: During your visit to our website, please take a minute to review our Membership Expectations document. It will help you understand more about us and what we represent. 


City of Firsts Volkswagen Club 


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