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    City of Firsts Volkswagen Club Leadership Team

Garry McNew - Chairman
Sandy McNew - Council Member
Larry Taylor - Council Member

Garry and Sandy have bee affiliated with COFVW Club since its creation. Garry will serve as the Chairman of COFVW. Sandy will serve as council member and processes an incredible skill set that will compliment the COFVW Council. They own a 1966 - Deluxe Bus, 1963 Double Door Bus and a 1965 Beetle.

Heather Warner - Council Member
Robby Warner
Council - Member

Heather and Robby have been part of the COFVW family for several years. It is great to have them as a part of this team. Their children are Cassidy and Van. By the way, Heather and Robby own the beautiful Split Window Camper, Sandrail and a new water cooled VW !

                Our Mission Statement

"Provide an atmosphere where Family values are honored

and respect is shown towards all people, while providing an

environment that is dedicated to the preservation of the


Larry, brings some great tools to the COFVW Council. He has been a part of this COFVW family for many years. Larry is a great idea guy who possesses some made carpenter skills, We believe he could build an Ark out of one 2X4!  Larry has a bad 70 Baywindow bus and a New Beetle.  Larry is married to Janet they have 2 children, Joshua who owns a bad ragtop and Zach who we are working on!

Billy Wilson - Council Member

Billy has held multiple leadership positions in COFVW. He has been affiliated with COFVW Club since its creation. He will be a great addition as a COFVW Council Member. He owns two convertibles and two busses. Has an incredible family and some of the nicest people you will ever meet. 

jimmy cardwell.jpg
Jimmy Cardwell - Council Member

Jimmy  has been a part of the COFVW family for a few years. It is great to have him on board as a COFVW Council Member and we are excited to have him a part of this team. He owns a 1956 Beetle and  1966 Beetle. He is married to Carrie and has a daughter Abby and a son James.  

Psalm 20:7


"Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God."

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